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Residential Loan Officers

Wing Wong
Wing Wong has just under a decade of experience in loan origination and bank management. She excels in building strong relationships with her business partners and takes the time to determine which loan program will best suit their individual financial needs. Purchasing a home or refinancing your existing home can be very exciting and a bit stressful. Wing's experience with the mortgage process and her dedication allows her to guide you to the result you are looking for in a smooth and professional manner with the service and communication you deserved. Over the years, Wing has been recognized for not only her outstanding production efforts , but also her proven ability to efficiently navigate her way through complex mortgage transactions and provide exceed expectation service. Wing is a graduate of Cal State University with a degree in Business Administration, emphasis in finance and corporate management.

Howard Yee
Howard Yee is a highly accomplished Loan Officer, and has been helping his clients realize their dream of home ownership since 1992. Howard specializes in working with first time home buyers, providing constant communication throughout the loan process while maintaining his strong member relationships. He has expertise in mortgage underwriting and income analysis, and has received several production awards. He continually receives accolades from his clients, Realtors and the local communities he serves. Howard has a degree in Business Administration, emphasis in Marketing.

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